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S&P Global inclusive employer
S&P Global

This is really a fabulous company to work for. No-one is perfect of course, but there is a large focus on employee well being, and a real 'let's get it done' attitude. Everyone, regardless of level, is very approachable, open to ideas and feedback and there is a culture of 'swarming' to solve an issue or implement an idea - and most of the time having fun with it as well!


S&P is fantastic! As the below review has mentioned, there is a strong focus on wellbeing and work-life balance. Everyone is collaborative and passionate.

For me, S&P Global, is a Safe Place enabling people to be their very best selves at work. As a result, the people at S&P Global as well as the business benefit by leveraging our individuality and our differences.

My experience over the last several years continues to keep exceeding my expectations - even during COVID! In my day job, I have been recognized by the firm not only for beating annual goals, but also for leadership and community roles I take as part of expanding our company culture. I have been promoted and encouraged to collaborate across teams and divisions. This is my first year as the Global President of our Pride employee network, and it's been thrilling to see we really try to "walk the walk" - we expanded parental leave benefits, increased adoption reimbursement costs budgets, signed on to HRC amicus brief filings for LGBTQ+ inclusive business practices, hosted educational workshops, provided spot bonuses for ERG leaders, and more. We might not shout all the good work and benefits from the rooftop, but I'm glad to be LGBTQ+ at S&P Global, and it feels S&P Global is proud to have me.

During the short time I have worked for S&P Global, I have come to believe that DEI is one of the serious top priorities for its leadership and that the company genuinely cares for its people, following the simple motto "Happy people = job well done". Everyone is encouraged to be their best by taking care of their wellbeing and showing up at work in top form.
Inclusiveness, collaboration and acceptance are some of the key driving forces behind all activity here, which makes S&P Global an attractive and exciting company to work for.

In the recent months I have joined S&P Global, I was happily surprised to discover the wide range of initiatives deployed in order to make every single employee comfortable with being themselves at work, no matter their age, background, sexual orientation, beliefs or lifestyle. A safe and welcoming place makes happy people and happy people generate growth and expansion. Let's keep making this world a happy one!


Since I joined S&P Global, I have been impressed by the amount of communication, training and events the company has been sending and organizing in order to promote diversity, equality and respect in the workplace.

In the relatively short time I've been an employee of S&P Global, it's become abundantly clear that the company has a strong commitment towards diversity, equity and inclusion - it's central to the company's strategy and everyone who works here is actively encouraged to play their part.

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