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Unilever inclusive employer


We feel good about the work we do. Whether it’s the way we run our business, make our products or use our brands, we always think about how even the smallest things can make a positive difference to the world. We care - it’s what we’re known for. And it’s why we’re a great place to build a career with purpose.

We believe in better business for a better world. And we believe in a better you. 

When you work at Unilever you can bring your own purpose to life through the work that you do. You will work with brands that are loved, improving the lives of consumers and their communities. You will work with innovations that grow our business and help improve the planet and our society. You will work with brilliant people who will help you contribute to the world and become a better you.

You will help us achieve our purpose: to make sustainable living commonplace.


We are 149,000 people across the world, we are over 400 brand names in over 190 countries, we are a global company with a global purpose. As a global company making a real difference across the world, we’ve got lots to share: here’s a look at just some of the details.

  • Our products are available in over 190 countries.
  • 2.5 billion people use our products every day.
  • Our turnover in 2020 was €51 billion with 58% in emerging markets
  • A 25 million-strong global network of retailers.

As well as ensuring our own workplaces are inclusive and free from discrimination, we advocate for LGBTQI+ rights globally. In 2020 our CEO, Alan Jope, signed the Declaration of Amsterdam – a global statement of support for LGBTQI+ rights. We’ve also joined Open for Business, a coalition of leading global companies, to show we mean business on taking action on LGBTQI+ inclusion globally.

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