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Graduate Event Co-Designer 2022

Graduate Event Co-Designer 2022


Location : Telford 

Intakes:   June 2022


The job on offer


You will be joining the UK ASE team made up of around 50 highly skilled individuals, co-located in two bespoke designed locations in London and Telford. We work to support Capgemini’s most important sales and delivery priorities through designing and delivering collaborative events that are focused on driving business outcomes. 


From facilitating large groups of people to creating enriching experiences, the UK ASE team each bring a variety of skills that cover the facilitation spectrum. Collaborative methodologies, bespoke processes, and principles of co-creation are central to the way we work. It’s ok if you’re not familiar with these ways of working, we believe that discovering you don’t know something is the first step to knowing it. 


We are a team of creative thinkers with an open, supportive culture that empowers individual and team growth.


Your Role


Using your unique creative skillset, you will be providing specialist support for collaborative workshops to ignite change in organisations. To enable this, you will learn and deliver through a variety of roles that are required to run a successful engagement. For example:

•    Designing and setting a physical space to maximise productivity (digitally or physically)
•    Selecting and staging the most impactful audio stimulus to create the right energy and environment for an event
•    Ensuring the right information is showcased in a way which meets a variety of learning styles
•    Drafting assignments by developing key questions that will drive the work done by participants
•    Creating work products that co-ordinate event inputs and outputs and enable the work to live on
•    Capturing the essence and content of conversations to enable insights to be recorded

Innovation and collaboration will be at the heart of everything you do. Every engagement you’re involved in will be different and delivered with a varying team of highly motivated and effective team members. Your days will be fast paced, requiring you to work closely with colleagues and clients to support the delivery of collaborative events that have a lasting business impact. There is an expectation that you will learn and contribute to all areas required to successfully run an event and gain a detailed and insightful understanding of the ASE methodology used to facilitate problem solving. 

In summary, we do not expect you to be a technical whizz! We are looking for someone with a combined passion for supporting collaborative events and a curious attitude towards technology - keen to explore innovative technical solutions which keep ASE event delivery at the cutting edge.

You may also get involved with supporting other ASE services, such as our visualisation service. 


Your Profile


Each of our Collaborative Designers has a uniquely valuable skillset. We’re looking for you to demonstrate: 
•    A willingness to think and work differently
•    A creative, innovative and inquisitive approach to work – using information to generate new ideas
•    Excellent listening, team working and communication skills
•    An ability to work quickly in a changing environment, ensuring tight time schedules and deadlines are met to an appropriate standard
•    Flexibility to travel, work long hours during event days
•    Excellent Microsoft Office skills, including PowerPoint and Excel


Please also let us know if you have an interest or experience in: 
•    Video production, editing and animation
•    Coding and software development


Get the future you want


Growing clients’ businesses while building a more sustainable, more inclusive future is a tough ask.  But when you join Capgemini, you join a thriving company and become part of a diverse collective of free-thinkers, entrepreneurs and industry experts.  A powerful source of energy that drives us all to find new ways technology can help us reimagine what’s possible.  It’s why, together, we seek out opportunities that will transform the world’s leading businesses. And it’s how you’ll gain the experiences and connections you need to shape your future.   By learning from each other every day, sharing knowledge and always pushing yourself to do better, you’ll build the skills you want. And you’ll use them to help our clients leverage technology to grow their business and give innovation that human touch the world needs. So, it might not always be easy, but making the world a better place rarely is.  Capgemini. Get The Future You Want.


Why Capgemini is Unique


Build Experiences with challenge and impact
We work with a range of clients all with a unique set of business, technological and societal ambitions.  Working for Capgemini you get to be at the forefront of designing future experiences, which truly impact our clients and wider society for the better.

Bring your whole self to work in an Inclusive environment
At Capgemini we don’t just believe in Diversity & Inclusion, we actively go out to making it a working reality.  Driven by our core values and Active Inclusion Campaign, we build environments where you can bring you whole self to work.

Benefit from Learning for life
Benefit from learning for life with Capgemini’s unique and innovative L&D offering.  This is driven by our digital learning platform ‘Next’ and our ‘Learning for all’ mindset.


About Capgemini


Capgemini is a global leader in partnering with companies to transform and manage their business by harnessing the power of technology. The Group is guided everyday by its purpose of unleashing human energy through technology for an inclusive and sustainable future. It is a responsible and diverse organization of 300,000 team members in nearly 50 countries. With its strong 50 year heritage and deep industry expertise, Capgemini is trusted by its clients to address the entire breadth of their business needs, from strategy and design to operations, fuelled by the fast evolving and innovative world of cloud, data, AI, connectivity, software, digital engineering and platforms. The Group reported in 2020 global revenues of €16 billion.


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