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Sharing the Stories of Lesbian, Bisexual Women & Non-binary People

April 22nd kicks off Lesbian Visibility Week, a moment to stand in solidarity with LGBTQ+ women and non-binary people. Join us for an enlightening hour as our panellists share their personal narratives, victories, and the hurdles they’ve overcome. Discover ways to be more supportive allies to LGBTQ+ women and non-binary people in all aspects of life, from the workplace to our broader communities. 

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The panel is supported by MSD and Warner Bros. Discovery.

MSD inclusive employerWarner Bros. Discovery inclusive employer

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About myGwork:

myGwork is the global LGBTQ+ business community. We offer a safe space for people to connect with inclusive professionals, find jobs, attend events, and catch up on the latest LGBTQ+ news.


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  • M
    Cristina Gaviria Beltrán
    Cristina Gaviria Beltrán
    Creative Lead
    Cristina Gaviria Beltrán is myGwork’s creative lead artist. In her role, she oversees the visual aspects of the company. She is also dedicated to questioning non-binary visions of sexuality and intimacy in a society which often still seeks to undermine them. She celebrates the liberty of her self-exploration and experimentation and being able to work at a place like myGwork, which acts upon this in all it offers in the corporate world. Her job involves not only a practical approach to visual language, but it is also modelling the behaviour she hopes to see and taking practical steps to act upon concerns and lead transformation.
  • Heidi Ehnis
    Heidi Ehnis
    LATAM Regional Commercial Excellence Head
  • M
    Silvia Fu Elias
    Silvia Fu Elias
    Scripted Content Sr Director Brazil
    Warner Bros. Discovery
  • Ivana Bitunjac
    Ivana Bitunjac
    Interconnect Manager
    Colt Technology Services
  • Eboné F. Bell
    Eboné F. Bell
    DEI Keynote Speaker and Facilitator
    Eboné F. Bell
    Eboné F. Bell (she/her/hers) is a visionary business owner, speaker, and trailblazer, illuminating the realms of entrepreneurship, DEI, leadership, and activism. Widely recognized as the founder and former editor of Tagg Magazine, an award-winning print publication and media company dedicated to serving LGBTQ women across the nation. For her outstanding contributions, Forbes Magazine featured her as an "Inspiring Black Entrepreneur Changing Our World," reflecting her commitment to creating meaningful change. Eboné's mission is clear: to make a lasting impact on the world. Among her notable achievements is the initiation of a student group for LGBTQ people of color during her time at the University of Maryland College Park. She further solidified her legacy by establishing the Tagg Scholarship Fund— a crucial resource for young, queer, women of color pursuing higher education. Eboné extends her influence as a dynamic DEI and Leadership Keynote Speaker. Over the years, she has delivered impactful presentations at esteemed institutions such as Microsoft, Printful, Deloitte, VistaPrint, Edward Jones, Kent State University, Penn State, The STEAD School, and Rochester Institute of Technology, showcasing her versatility and expertise. Beyond lecture halls and corporations, Eboné is actively engaged in middle schools and high schools nationwide, focusing on anti-bullying initiatives and workshops. As a keynote speaker and facilitator, Eboné is celebrated for her warm energy and unwavering transparency. Fearless in tackling tough conversations, she invites audiences to explore their presence in the world. Approachable both on and off-stage, her humor adds an engaging touch, while her dedication to fostering connections solidifies her status as a dynamic community leader and unforgettable speaker.
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