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WorkPride 2023: Being LGBTQ+ in the Media: What's Changed?

Over the last few decades, LGBTQ+ representation in the media - both in terms of what we see, and who produces it - has evolved massively. We'll be hearing from people in the media about their journey and careers, how the industry has evolved, and how they navigate their identity within the workplace. We'll also be considering how the media can be a power for good in terms of increasing representation and equality, and what role we as consumers play in that. 

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Sponsored by: EY and The Trade Desk

 EY inclusive employerThe Trade Desk | Royal Television Society


  • M
    Char Bailey
    Char Bailey
    NLP coach
    Char Bailey Coaching
  • Sasha Scott
    Sasha Scott
    Inclusive Group
    Sasha Scott runs the Inclusive Group team and is considered an international thought-leader on diversity, bias, inclusivity and managing psychological health.
  • Molly Towers Mode
    Molly Towers Mode
    Account Director
  • M
    Verity Smith
    Verity Smith
    Trans inclusion in Sport Manager Mermaids
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