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WorkPride 2023 (in Spanish): Construyendo equidad e inclusión social de la mano de las ONG y asociaciones

Será una apuesta por la Diversidad e Inclusión desde lo social, con la ayuda de organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro, donde viraremos toda la conversación a crear de manera conjunta políticas internas corporativas e institucionales que estén comprometidas con la equidad e igualdad de todo el personal y personas aliadas.

Acerca de myGwork:


myGwork es una comunidad para profesionales y graduadas/os LGBTQ+, empresas inclusivas y cualquier persona que crea en la igualdad en el espacio de trabajo. Su objetivo es empoderar al colectivo LGBTQ+, ofreciendo a sus miembros un espacio seguro donde pueden realizar networking, encontrar trabajos, conectar con mentores, participar de eventos profesionales y tener acceso a noticias y contenidos de interés.


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Patrocinado por: Danaher y State Street

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  • M
    Cristina Gaviria Beltrán
    Cristina Gaviria Beltrán
    Creative Lead
    Cristina Gaviria Beltrán is myGwork’s creative lead artist. In her role, she oversees the visual aspects of the company. She is also dedicated to questioning non-binary visions of sexuality and intimacy in a society which often still seeks to undermine them. She celebrates the liberty of her self-exploration and experimentation and being able to work at a place like myGwork, which acts upon this in all it offers in the corporate world. Her job involves not only a practical approach to visual language, but it is also modelling the behaviour she hopes to see and taking practical steps to act upon concerns and lead transformation.
  • Gemma Brulles
    Gemma Brulles
    Founder & President
    Ahora Donde
    I am specialized in International Business, Sales, Advising and facilitating contact between professionals. I have 27 years of professional experience in SME's companies, business organization, institutions, and consultancy. I have a broad expertise in the internationalization of companies and in particular within the Asian market. During my professional career while working for some internationally renowned service companies, I was able to support them by assigning a maximum visibility to their strategy as well as facilitating potential clients, and organizing suitable campaigns and events both on and offline. Now, in NET CRAMAN I am mainly in charge of devising and implementing the Firm’s strategies, of attracting new projects in Spain and China that will be managed by the Firm’s corresponding specialists, as well as promoting and positioning the Firm in a business environment. On the other hand, I'm AHORA DÓNDE-Le Refuge's Founder and President: HELPING YOUNG LGBTI PEOPLE WHO ARE REJECTED BY THEIR FAMILY AND LIVING IN A HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT.
  • Miguel Herraez Escudero
    Miguel Herraez Escudero
    Data Analyst - Self-Service Specialist
    Hello there! I'm Miguel, an agile, proactive, and self-assured professional individual with a passion for driving positive change. With a background in data analytics and community lead, I bring a unique blend of skills to the table. I excel at analyzing complex problems and finding innovative solutions. My people-oriented nature allows me to connect with colleagues, stakeholders, and clients on a deep level, fostering collaborative and productive relationships. Additionally, my exceptional analytical skills enable me to gather and interpret data effectively, extracting valuable insights that drive informed decision-making. In addition to my professional endeavors, I am deeply committed to promoting inclusion and diversity. Currently, I hold the position of Regional EMEA Lead of the PRIDE Community in Criteo, where I spearhead key initiatives. This role allows me to champion equality and create a supportive environment for LGBTQ+ individuals. I am dedicated to fostering a workplace where everyone feels valued and empowered to be themselves.
  • M
    Almudena García
    Almudena García
    Coordinadora de Proyectos y Responsable del Área de Sensibilización del Ámbito Laboral
    Apoyo Positivo
    Trabajadora social y Coordinadora de Programas y Áreas de Apoyo Positivo Madrid. Directora de los Centros CASA Lavapiés y CASA Manuel Becerra.
  • Jacqueline Chacon
    Jacqueline Chacon
    Event Sponsorship Manager
    State Street Corporation
    I joined State Street in 2015 working on the AML/KYC transformation. I was part of Client Service for 5 years in different capacity supporting the Non-Profit client service team, CAO support, and Client Delivery Management. Recently I pivoted my career transitioning into the Human Resource space, working in the Talent Marketplace Team, where I supported employees' internal mobility. Now I manage State Street's Event Sponsorships and support our Boston Volunteer program with the Corporate Citizenship team. Additionally, I am the chair for Culture and Communications in our internal Employee Resource Group The Latin America Professional's Group. I oversee our communication strategy and engage our members with our group.
  • Mariano Salinas
    Mariano Salinas
    Presidente Comite LGBTQ+
    Abogado, Ex letrado consistorial, Responsable de la Unidad técnica jurídica del ICAM, presidente del Comité LGBTI del ICAM desde 2022, Miembro de la comisión de seguimiento del plan de igualdad del ICAM 2017-2022, Profesor asociado Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, departamento de derecho del trabajo.
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