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WorkPride 2023 (in Spanish): Los ERG LGBTQ+, claves para impulsar la diversidad

Éste panel pondrá de relieve el papel crucial de los ERG LGBTQ+ dentro de las organizaciones y los diversos procesos de transformación colectiva que se genera mientras se entreteje una red de apoyo colaborativo.

Acerca de myGwork:


myGwork es una comunidad para profesionales y graduadas/os LGBTQ+, empresas inclusivas y cualquier persona que crea en la igualdad en el espacio de trabajo. Su objetivo es empoderar al colectivo LGBTQ+, ofreciendo a sus miembros un espacio seguro donde pueden realizar networking, encontrar trabajos, conectar con mentores, participar de eventos profesionales y tener acceso a noticias y contenidos de interés.


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  • Francisco Gallego
    Francisco Gallego
    Global Inclusion & Diversity Manager
    Expedia Group
    Welcome to my profile! I seek impactful ways to foster inclusion & diversity in my organization. I have served at Expedia's ERG Pride as their Global President (1.6k members) and managed a team of 9 global chairs and 38 chapter leads. I am a certified Mental Health First Aider and believe more conversations around mental health are necessary in the workplace. I am happy to chat about DEI or any topic related to the future of organizations. Thanks for checking my profile, I'm always happy to connect. Francisco
  • Jose Ignacio Alegre Yunes
    Jose Ignacio Alegre Yunes
    Customer Success Manager
    Originally from Argentina, but currently living in Spain. I have spent the last decade developing commercial and communications projects with C-Level clients in 10+ emerging markets while also living in them. Currently, contributing to building a business community for LGBT+ professionals, graduates, inclusive employers, and anyone who believes in workplace equality. Current Member of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee, and player, at Madrid Titanes RC, the first inclusive rugby team in Spain. Executive MBA Candidate at IE Business School.
  • Israel Pina
    Israel Pina
    Finance Analyst
    Hello! I work at Moody´s as a Finance Analyst. I am a volunteer of the Pride Business Resource Groups in Costa Rica and a member of the Finance Volunteering Employee Engagement Committee.
  • Lautaro Rodriguez
    Lautaro Rodriguez
    Account Relationship Manager
    S&P Global
    I've been working in the Financial Services industry for 9 years, and I'm part of the leadership of the LGBTIQ+ Diversity Community at S&P Global for the Buenos Aires office since 5 years ago when the community was officially launched. I'm always working to improve the work environment from a diverse perspective, opening up conversations and discussions about what diversity and actual empathy mean.
  • Silvia Almeida
    Silvia Almeida
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