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Taiwan’s LGBT+ Streaming Platform GagaOOLala Launches Worldwide

Just a week before Taiwan’s one-year anniversary of legalising same-sex marriage, the country’s LGBT+ focused streaming platform GagaOOLala launches worldwide, in all territories except for China and North Korea.

Portico Media, one of the founders of the Taiwan International Queer /film Festival and backer of GagaOOLala’s CEO Jay Lin understands that he can not yet be compared with other giants of the global streaming world but he feels his platform “has a niche”.

“Of course there are LGBT-focused services in Europe and the U.S., but they're almost exclusively Western. There are very few Asian titles, and if there are, they're more Asian American, or from a U.S.-centric or Western-centric point of view,” he points out. “This is the first time where an OTT service is available globally with such a high concentration of Asian content.”

As ‘NBC News’ reports, GagaOOLala is available worldwide for $6,99 a month. In Taiwan it has around 1,000 titles and in the U.S. it debuts with around 300 titles to start. 

Currently, the website gets a big part of its traffic for their “boys love” genre. “When we were doing research for potential partners, we were astonished to find there are hundreds of millions of people and social media groups around the world that are obsessed with boys' love — not just in Asia,” says Lin. “This is a new genre that will continue to grow.”

GagaOOLala is now in its fourth year and getting larger. Lin says: “I hope we'll be able to create interesting collaborations, co-production and stories that are not singularly of one country or one region. That's the long term goal, though there's no real map for how to get there.”

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