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Morningstar inclusive employer

As part of myGwork's campaign to focus on and celebrate charitable organizations, Mike Van Volkenburg, Program Manager at Morningstar, spoke about the company’s collaborations with organizations such as Callen-Lorde and the importance of improving standards of LGBTQ+ inclusive healthcare.“A cause that’s always been important to me has been champion...

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In July, Morningstar celebrated Pride in line with the theme “Beyond Borders” to highlight LGBTQ+ experiences around the world. The afternoon kicked off with an educational session on Allyship hosted by myGwork and discussed important LGBTQ+ topics, including what it means to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community, how to be effective allies in the...

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Morningstar has become one of the first major research and data providers to join LGBT Great as a corporate member, in a move to increase its support for LGBT+ talent, equality, and inclusion, both internally and across the investment industry.LGBT Great said the decision by Morningstar to join its global diversity and inclusion membership comes at...

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