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Parexel inclusive employer

About Parexel

A career with a human touch

We know just how important it is to put people first. It requires a team of different perspectives working together to understand patients – who they are, and what they need. It demands the flexibility to build our best selves outside of work, so we can bring them to work.

Parexel is in the business of improving the world’s health. We do this by providing a suite of biopharmaceutical services that help clients across the globe transform scientific discoveries into new treatments. From clinical trials to regulatory, consulting, and market access, our therapeutic, technical, and functional ability is underpinned by a deep conviction in what we do.

Headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, and supporting clients in more than 100 countries, our almost 16,000 employees are united by one simple fact. We care. We’re not just the people with brains, we’re the people with heart. At the heart of getting medicines to those who need them.

Our Values

Patients first

We fight for patients because they’re at the heart of everything we do.


Each detail matters, from the smallest to the largest. Our hearts go into them all.


People, process, patients, progress. We hold them all close to our hearts.

Empowerment and accountability

We follow our hearts to do the right thing. Then, we have the courage to own the outcome.

Working At Parexel

Trialing new treatments. Advancing healthcare. Reinventing medicine as we know it. When you join us, you’re joining a team that sees everything they do as an opportunity to transform the world for patients everywhere. That’s because when our employees come together with the drive to tackle a new challenge, there’s no limit to what they can accomplish.

Because what we will always remember is that at the center of clinical research is a patient whose life could change – forever – thanks to us doing what we do. And together, we’ll do it With Heart™.

Diversity & Inclusion

As a global organization focused on clinical research and world health, Parexel promotes diversity and stands against discrimination of any kind. We are committed to closing the gap to create a more inclusive world and to provide a safe and equitable work environment for our colleagues where everyone is valued, respected and supported. Our guiding diversity and inclusion vision is one where our workforce, clients, and patients feel valued, respected, and supported—and where all individuals agree that, “This is a place for people like me.'

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