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Thomas International inclusive employer
Thomas International

Check out the top LGBTQ+ jobs with Thomas International on, the world’s largest business community for LGBTQ+ professionals, students, and anyone who believes in workplace equality.

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We had the pleasure to talk to Shado Mogotsi, a Helpdesk Engineer in South Africa at Thomas International. 1. Hello Shado! Thank you for talking to us. Could you please introduce yourself and tell us about your role at
your organisation?

I work in the Business Services team based in South Africa.
I am a Helpdesk Engineer, which means I ma...

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By Reuben Conibear, Customer Marketing Manager at Thomas InternationalThere is no right way to come out. I know that this moment
feels important, and it is, but it doesn’t have to be flashy or glamorous.Some
of the most incredible coming-out stories are simple. Mine? I told one friend whilst
sitting on the curb outside Edinburgh Airpor...

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By Reuben Conibear, Customer Marketing Manager at Thomas International1. Firstly, your safety is the priority. If you feel that coming out might put you at risk of harm, do what you can to mitigate that before you come out. This can be in the form of waiting until you are more financially independent, preparing yourself emotionally, or mo...

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myGwork spoke to Kira Van Niekerk, Global Lead - Training & Enablement at Thomas International, about inclusive hiring and how you can beat unconscious bias in recruitment.Hi Kira! Thanks for chatting with us. Why does diversity in the workplace matter to you?Diversity is a business imperative. Beyond the obvious
moral argument, Top...

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Why diversity in the workplace mattersPwC found that a company’s level of diversity is fundamental for talent attraction, with 80% of jobseekers taking this consideration. Diversity is a business imperative, and the global labour shortage has intensified competition for talent, yet organisations are still screening out diverse candidates. ...

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Recruiters can be prone to believing that effective decision-making can be based on their intuition. But intuition feels innate because it relies on unconscious biases.Our free, practical guide to beating bias in recruitment breaks down:💥The top five psychological causes of inequality💥The reasons why bias remains prevalent in recruitment💥Techniques...

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