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WorkFair Panel: Navigating the Graduate Job Search

Finding the first job as a graduate can be challenging. In this panel, our experts will discuss the essential qualities and skills that recruiters look for. Join us to gain a strategic edge in your job search and learn to present yourself as the ideal candidate for graduate-level opportunities. Your dream career journey starts here! Sign up now!

The webinar will be 45 minutes with a 10-minute Q&A.

This panel is sponsored by Fitch Group and GSK.

Fitch Group inclusive employerGSK inclusive employer

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About myGwork:

myGwork is the global LGBTQ+ business community. We offer a safe space for people to connect with inclusive professionals, find jobs, attend events, and catch up on the latest LGBTQ+ news.


  • M
    Michelle (Michi) Raymond
    Michelle (Michi) Raymond
    Business Development Director
    Michelle Raymond is the Business Development Director at myGwork, a global networking hub and job board for LGBTQ+ professionals and graduates. In addition to being a public speaker and D&I consultant, Michelle is also an accomplished musician who performs under the artist name ‘Michi.’ She has graced the stage with some of the biggest names in music today including Miley Cyrus, Meghan Trainor, DJ Marshmello, Rita Ora, and Carly Rae Jepsen.
  • Zoe Jenkins
    Zoe Jenkins
    Graduate Recruitment Specialist
    Clifford Chance
    Zoe is a Graduate Recruitment Specialist at the leading Global Law Firm Clifford Chance, ranked as the most popular graduate recruiter in law at the 2019 and 2020 TARGETjobs Awards. Zoe leads on the firms LGBT+ Grad activity, including their one of a kind ACCEPT Conference in collaboration with myGwork and National Student Pride that aims to provide an opportunity for LGBT+ students interested in a career in law to hear from senior role models and understand how your sexuality can complement your career.
  • M
    Tricia Lucas-Clarke
    Tricia Lucas-Clarke
    Early Talent Recruitment Diversity Equity & Inclusion Manage
    I am committed to improving diversity, equity and inclusion in society, so passionate about making a change to help others. I lead a local Employee Resource Group for people from diverse backgrounds and support a Global LGBTQ+ ERG. I am also a board trustee for the 93 percent club which has a membership of ~10,000 people. A Race champion and expert speaker on DEI, I featured in Disruptors 2 Magazine about women changing the status quo.   I have lived experienced of the changes in opinion towards people from diverse communities and their position in society, so understand why many people from minority backgrounds still struggle to speak up about their achievements and feel intimidated when they do.     As a Gold level #IamRemarkable facilitator, I encourage people to talk about their accomplishments, to help empower them to recognise how fantastic they really are.
  • Nancy Bruce
    Nancy Bruce
    Director, Early Talent Pipeline Lead
    Having been an HR intern at Pfizer nearly 13 years ago, I am passionate about early talent development, personal growth and helping students lean into their potential! I value the importance of excellence, equity, collaboration and delivering value to the business.
  • Johan Turcios
    Johan Turcios
    Director of Education & Advising
    IE Business School
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