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Russian Trans Woman Sentenced To Three Years In Men’s Prison

A trans woman in Russia has been sentenced to serve three years in prison on “distribution of pornography depicting minors” charges.

The woman was sharing nude anime drawings featuring naked characters from Japanese cartoons on social media. 

After an “expert” evaluation from the Centre for Socio-Cultural Expertise, an organisation which provides conclusions in “politically motivated criminal cases” they concluded that the drawings included characters younger than 14 years old and authorities took Michelle into custody.

Michelle has been on hormone therapy for transitioning for two years but is still legally recognised as male. Therefore, she will be forced to serve her sentence in a men’s penal colony.

“Such a blatant disregard for her gender identity leaves Michelle extremely vulnerable to abuse by both male detainees and guards,” writes ‘Human Rights Watch’. 

Moreover, Michelle does not have access to her hormone therapy in prison and will continue to not have it in the penal colony. The World Professional Association for Transgender Health warns that for trans people in detention the “consequences of abrupt withdrawal of hormones … include a high likelihood of negative outcomes such as surgical self-treatment by autocastration, depressed mood, dysphoria, and/or suicidality.”  

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